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attachment 1
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07 Agosto 2018

attachment 1 - map of relevant risks in relation to age to be filled.xlsx

The map of relevant risk in relation to age is an excel file consisting of 7 sheets.
It is a very useful tool to analyze single tasks and correspondent age-relevant risks. The tool is inspired by suggestions found in INRS checklist.

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The first sheet, “GENERAL OVERVIEW”, is the only one that must be filled in and is divided into:

  • Information on the company (attachment 1) or hospital/residential care facility (attachment 3), job and workers (by gender and age macro-groups) who are assigned to the same tasks
  • List of tasks performed by workers. For those tasks that are usually performed the correspondent yellow box must be ticked. A different letter will be assigned to each task. In the following sections, tasks that are usually performed will automatically be highlighted.
  • Sections B and D: the presence or absence of a particular risk (risks associated to physical work, risks associated with work environment) for each task usually performed must be indicated by ticking the yellow boxes.
  • Sections C, E, F: the presence of risk is associated with the job, not with single tasks. The presence must be indicated by ticking the white boxes.

The presence of each risk is automatically summarized in the second sheet “SYNTHESIS” through hystograms that report its exact percentage.

Major preventive measures to be adopted in the workplace in case of presence of a specific risk are reported in the last 5 sheets.

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